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Broker Agents Errors & Omissions

Has an Insurance Broker or Agent Made a Mistake?

When you file an insurance claim, there are many steps that go on behind the scenes before you get a response back with a denial or acceptance. Regardless of the time it takes or the reason given in a denial, there are certain circumstances which come into play. Although you may be concerned with the reason given by the carrier for denying your claim, it may be more productive to have a lawyer look into the conduct of the insurance broker.

Everything Must Be in Writing to Be True

Although your insurance agent may have told you a lot of things, such as what was covered or what to sign, it is important to understand that in order to be true, it must me in writing. You may think that many insurance agents have your best interest in mind, but they are just working for the insurance company and they may have no concern for you at all. As such, agents often fail to take the proper steps to protect you, provide you with sufficient information, or fully review the application.

  • A few examples of common insurance agent errors or omissions include:
  • Inadequacy of coverage
  • Negligent misrepresentations
  • Premature cancellation

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