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Representation for Public Adjusters & Brokers Nationwide

Weg & Myers, P.C.

As a public adjuster or broker, you are regularly communicating with policyholders about their claims and are responsible for making decisions. Even if you have been working in the insurance industry for decades, there is constant room for unwanted surprises and unexpected legal disputes.

At Weg & Myers, P.C., our firm has been around since 1970 and we are highly knowledgeable about the unique role you hold as a public adjuster or broker. Contact our attorneys to learn more today.

Acting as a Strong Legal Advocate

Although we most often prosecute claims against insurance companies, we are also experienced and well-versed in representing insurance brokers in commercial disputes.

  • There are many different duties you have in your line of work which may be questioned in litigation, such as:
  • Reviewing the policy and terms
  • Recording or photographing damages
  • Providing an appraisal or listing inventory
  • Retaining experts for support
  • Obtaining an estimate for repair or replacement
  • Advising on an entitlement amount
  • Negotiating a settlement

Resolving Your Case During Litigation

We understand that you work hard to help insurance holders recover a fair settlement, and often your efforts are not enough. If a legal matter has developed from your attempts, it may be necessary to involve a firm like ours, where we are highly experienced at resolving insurance issues. You can count on our caring and knowledgeable attorneys to represent you in your legal dispute and safeguard your rights.

Just like the insured individual feels they are entitled to a certain level of representation when their claim doesn't turn out the way they expected, you deserve to have equal legal support on your side.