Dear Clients, Colleagues and Friends:

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is increasingly impacting all of our daily lives. We share your concern for the health and safety of those here at home and around the country as this pandemic develops in ways that were unimaginable just a few weeks ago. I would like to assure you that Weg and Myers, P.C. has a business continuity plan in place. We remain fully functional and committed to the continued representation of our clients. Most importantly, we recognize that our clients will face a number of issues related to COVID-19 and the resulting business disruptions. To help you navigate this crisis and to help you stay informed, we have chosen to provide you with the following guidance.

As you may already be aware, Business Interruption insurance and Law and Ordinance coverage has been the subject of considerable dialogue in the business community that we serve. While most businesses carry Business Interruption insurance and Law and Ordinance coverage, not all losses are going to be covered due to exclusions and limitations within your policies. While many policies will expressly exclude coverage under these circumstances, there are significant exceptions. Therefore, a careful review is warranted. We would recommend that whether coverage is clear or not our clients should timely file a notice of claim pursuant to the policy terms and conditions in order to avoid forfeiting an otherwise valid claim on technical grounds.

An additional source of relief for those not so fortunate to have coverage for losses may come from legislation that is currently being discussed that may provide federal funding to potentially relax obstacles to Business Interruption and Civil Authority claims. We are carefully monitoring these discussions and are optimistic that future State or Federal relief will become available to make this possible. We plan to keep you posted on all developments regarding these issues in future posts on our website.

If we can be of any assistance, or if you have questions, we would like to help. Just call our office (212) 227-4210. Ask to speak with Cynthia Rexach to schedule a teleconference or Zoom conference. If you prefer to use e-mail, Cynthia can be reached at

Thank you for your continued trust during this challenging time.


Dennis T. D’Antonio

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Formidable Legal Opponent In The Courtroom And At The Negotiating Table

We have been representing the rights and interests of insurance policy holders, including many corporations, for over 40 years. When Weg & Myers takes a case, opponents take notice. The law firms and insurance companies we come up against know if we’ve taken a case, there is a good reason to believe it is meritorious. A $20 million jury verdict in connection with a Superstorm Sandy loss; a $15 million verdict on behalf of a client against its insurance carrier for property damage to client’s Manhattan building caused by adjacent construction; a $30 million verdict in the Southern District of New York against an insurance company improperly withholding life insurance benefits; and a $150 million business income claim settled with insurance company who wrongfully denied policy holder’s rights, are the type of successes we have achieved for our clients.

With a small handful of attorneys, Weg & Myers is small by design and is equipped with the experience and expertise to routinely handle large cases for large clients. Further, clients benefit from our scholarly approach to litigation. At Weg & Myers, we are motivated first and foremost by an intuitive sense of succeeding on behalf of our clients—our own success just follows.