Representing Insureds Since 1970

First Party Property Insurance Coverage

Nationwide Representation for Policyholders

Weg & Myers, P.C. has been representing policyholders with respect to their property insurance claims for over forty years. The firm's representation of its clients’ interests may commence as early as days after a catastrophic event. However, at other times, our attorneys begins representing clients at the time that an Examination Under Oath is demanded or when a claim is denied by the insurance carrier.

Our Litigation History

While some of the firm's recent achievements have resulted from successful trial verdicts and/or that verdict's subsequent affirmance on appeal, see Federal Insurance Company v. Keybank National Association, 340 Fed.Appx. 5 (2nd Cir. 2009.), for example, Weg & Myers, P.C. has also been successful in achieving coverage for our clients through mediation as well as successfully defeating insurance company motions to dismiss the insured's claims.

This has led to the subsequent resolution of the coverage claim, such as in One Beacon Insurance Company v. Old Williamsburg Candle Corp.,386 F. Supp. 394 (SDNY 2005).

Recovering Multi-Million Dollar Settlements

  • The nature of the property insurance claims that this firm has been retained on various cases, including:
  • Coverage for multi-million dollar commercial machinery
  • The gas pipe distribution systems of high rise condominium complexes
  • 124 foot luxury yachts
  • Multi-million dollar mansions

Coverage for a loss is usually only part of a successful outcome. Numerous issues arise as it relates to the proper manner in which the property in question is to be valued and/or to what degree is the value limited by the policy of insurance, such as in Rainbow USA, Inc. v. Crum & Forster Specialty Insurance Company, 711 F. Supp. 655 (E.D.La 2010).

Finally, depending on the jurisdiction, the conduct of the carrier is analyzed to determine whether the carrier has acted in Bad Faith and the consequences of that conduct.

In addition to its representation of policyholders, Weg & Myers, P.C.’s attorneys have been featured as speakers at numerous seminars and conventions in connection with various issues involving first party insurance coverage. Contact our offices today.