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Property Damage Litigation

Nationwide Representation for Your Claim

Taking out an insurance policy for your property is something you hope will always be just a preventative measure. So what happens when your property is damaged and you actually need to file a claim? It would be wonderful if your insurance company would accept your claim right away and grant you the amount you need with no questions asked, but this may not be the case. Insurance companies often take measures to put off paying claims or offer less than suitable amounts, which is where litigation may come be necessary.

Offering Sensibility & Experience

Our Nationwide lawyers at Weg & Myers, P.C. are here to offer you stellar representation if your case looks like it is going to court. Since 1970, we have successfully represented a wide range of property insurance dispute cases for clients throughout the area. This is a very tricky area of the law which our firm is well-versed in, allowing us to provide you with valuable knowledge and guide you effectively.

  • We represent clients in a wide range of property damage litigation cases, such as those involving:
  • Damage to inventory
  • Damage to materials
  • Damage to machines
  • Damage to the building
  • Damage to the foundation
  • Business interruption
  • Fire or storm damage

Reliable Representation in Bad Faith Claims

We represent all different types of cases from adjacent premise construction to faulty tenant maintenance. If you believe that your insurance company is wrongfully denying or delaying your claim, you should not hesitate to reach out to our firm for advice and guidance.